Golden Verse, Winter 1935 (Associate Editor: Bernard Toll)

Appearing in this short-lived poetry magazine are five poems by Bernard Toll, his essay “Realism Versus Imagination in Poetry,” and his short reviews of other poetry books (“Strains from Many Lyres”). Mr. Toll used the pseudonyms Bernard Tolle, Benjamin Corday, Gregory Anders, and Herbert Rawles. The poetry editor in the The Hartford Times wrote “the short […]

Poetry by Bernard Toll, 1935 to 1991

The first five poems below appear in the Winter 1935 edition of Golden Verse, whose associate editor was Bernard Toll I MUSED BENEATH AN APPLE TREE I mused beneath an apple tree Of all that trees and men must know– The grass that grows upon the lea. And musing thus, unknowingly, An apple fell upon […]