The Unsung Patriot, a play by Bernard Toll

Editor’s Note: Bernard Toll wrote the following play in 1975 for a contest sponsored by Plays and Players, which described itself as “the nation’s oldest little theater group.” The contest was established in honor of the 1976 Bicentennial in the United States; the winning playwright was to be awarded a $500 prize and see his play produced by the company. While he did not win, Mr. Toll enjoyed researching and writing the play. His best source of information for the life of Haym Salomon, according to the memoirs, was a “slim volume” called “Haym Salomon, Son of Liberty,” by Howard Fast. Mr. Toll was so concerned about not breaching Mr. Fast’s copyright that he contacted his literary agent to get permission to borrow “data and semi-fictional accounts” from the book.

pp 1-93


3/12/17 All pages accounted for

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