Contracts for Toll Brothers/David Toll Brick Contractors 1924-1956

Contract and Credit Accounts 1924-1926


43rd and Chestnut

2nd and Fairmont Avenue for B. Bernstein

17th and Ruscomb (?)

415 South Street for B. Bernstein

119-121 N. 5th Street for Mr. Judovich

538 N. 2nd Street for Mr. Getzig

63rd and Landsdowne for B. Bernstein

2210 N. Front St for B. Bornstein

433 n. 60th Street for J Rosenberg

751 S. 4th Street for B. Bornstein

47th and Chestnut for B. Bornstein

58th and Baltimore for Babis and Bender

54th and Springfield for Babis and Bender

54th and Montgomery Ave for Belinsky Brothers

54th and Upland Way for Belinsky Brothers

York and American Streets for J. Rosenberg

33rd and Diamond Streets for B. Bornstein

48th and Chestnut Streets for B. Bornstein and Frank

43rd and Spruce Streets for Mr. Schloesberg

63rd and Chestnut Street for Babis and Bender

Lincoln Drive and McCallum Street

69th And Chestnut Streets for R. H. Scroggins

Big job for Solomon Brothers, but no address listed


Contract and Credit Accounts 1926-1927

(In a different handwriting)


5427 Wayne Ave for J. Rusper Echert

3517 Ala York Road for Sm Cylonia

Nathan Litman at 42nd and Spruce

46th and Chester Ave for Nathan Litman

Harry Bobb at 4th and Samson Streets

42nd and Chester Ave for I Osinoff

63rd and Stridland for Frank Kaiserman

Second and Callowhill, for H J. Hman Co

H J Stoman Co at 2nd and Callowhill St

48th and Locust St for Joseph B. Rusben (Admiral Apartments)

418 Water St

Long Lane and Bradford Rd for David Magen

19th and Spruce

49th and Spruce (Sheldrake Apartments)

Long Lane and Shirley Rd for David Magen (last contract by Toll Brothers)

16th and Pine Streets for J M Frank



Contract and Credit Accounts 1937-1940


1937 Contracts


F.M Harris * Co at 5622 Haverford Ave

Bornstein at 523 South 5th Street

Benjamin Prager at College Ave and Master St

Benjamin Hollander at 418 S. 11 Street

Frederick Massiah at 509 South 15th Street

I.L. Stern at 507 Delancy Street

Dozer & Sons Inc at 2057 South St

Litrin at 4124 Aspen St

Hollander at 913 Lombard St

Litvin at Belgrade and Auburn

Prager at 2407 Edgewood Street

Michael A. Maloney at 4730 Devereaux St

Jacob Hoffman at 5th and Manton Streets

Max Cotler at 6231 Webster St

Nathan Bender at 3531 N. 24TH ST

GEORGE ORLOWITZ at 610 S. Third St

Benjamin Prager at 1746 N. Woodstock St

Cohen at 2550 N. 30th St

Reiter Engineering Co at Wheatsheaf Lane and Aramingo Ave

Robert E. Lamb Co at 116-26 S. 46th St


1938 Contracts


Bornstein at 9th and Locust Sts

Bornstein at Park Ave and Diamond St

Robert E. Lamb Co at 116-26 S. 46th St

Rothschild Construction Co at 1717 N. Broad St

Bornstein at 1701 E. Passyunk

Auerbach at Moore and Moyamensing

I.L. Stern at 229 Fitzwater

Litvin at Juniper & Chestnut Sts

I.L. Stern at 250 S. 23rd St

Jacob Rosen at 425 Carpenter St


1939 Contracts


Litvin at Marshall and Eri Aves

I.L.Stern at 229 Fitzwater

Bornstein at 1536 N. Franklin St


1940 (?) Contracts


Bornstein at 1447 South St

Bornstein at 7314 Ogontz Ave.

1313 Spruce St for H. Alterman

6666 N. Broad St for H. Cravats

737-39 Kater St for Soz Dubrow

1313 Spruce St for H. Alterman

23rd and Snyder for S. H. Levin

6th and Brainbridge for B. Bornstein

Callowhill and Bonine for S. H. Levin

1334 Bainbridge for H. J. Hymowitz

6th and Bainbridge for B. Bornstein

C. Waldon at 4th and Olney

Callowhill and Bosine for S.H. Levin

Castor Ave and Unron St for Finestone

715-17 St. James St/207-21 South and 7th Streets for Haverstick Borthwick Co

McCallum and Sedgewick St for E. S. Frankel

5851 Market St for L. Solomon

6625 Castor Ave for Finestone

6625 Lincoln for Dr Alterman

8th and Chelten for B. Bornstein

4340 Germantown Ave for B. Bornstein

Broad and Buttonwood for WM. F. Lotz

57th and Larchwood for Dr. Rubin

711N. Broad St N. 2070S

6629-33 Castor Ave for S. Feinstone

6629 Castor Ave for S. Feinstone

Castor Ave and Magre for Union Premier Markets

444 N. Broad for Haverstick Borthwick

Laub Construction Co at 22nd and Tioga


Below are laborers, carpenters etc that were paid for services


Haywood Gllman at 1525 Pearl St

James Eugene Higgins at 2055 North St

Abe Barsky at 5646 Hazel Ave

Thomas S. Moran at 5763 Marshall St

William Soper at 240 Foxhurst Rd Long Island

Thomas Givens at 1318 S. 34th St

Charles/Son at 2221 Vine St

Andrew Sweeney at 354 Beckman Ave NYC



General Ledger 1941-1944

5166 North 8th Street (?)

218 Callow Hill

1633 W. Girard

18th and Chestnut

1714 Ellston Street

846 N. Broad Street

56th and Lancaster

Mayfair Theater


Contract and Credit Accounts 1945-1951


1945 Contracts


6100 Rising Sun for B. Bornstein

Tulipa and Allegheny for Union Premier Food Stores

3600 N. Front for Cross Bros

16th and Wood for B. Bornstein


1946 Contracts


5th and Commerce Streets (inside walls) for Reither Engineering

735 N. Second St for Glass Brick Work

Front & Pine (fire repairs)

53rd and City Line for Food Fairs Inc

6757 Chew St (front bricking up demolition) for Food Fair

53rd and City Line for Food Fairs Inc

218 Callowhill for St Empire Food Products Co

228 N. 15th for St Frank Blumenthal

35th and Reed Streets for Millar Bros

Tulip and Allegheny for Food Fairs Inc.

920 N. 28th Street

25th and Spruce Streets

Cross Brothers at Delaware Ave


1947 Contracts


35th and Reed Streets for Millar Bros

5913 Addison (Brick Porch)

1127-31 N. 40th Street B. for Bornstein & Son

Tulip & Allegheny for Food Fair Stores

324 S. Delaware Ave for Food Fair Stores Inc

Broad and Oregon for Food Fair Stores Inc

Washington Lane for Food Fair Stores

Front and Vanango for Cross Brothers

20th and Hunting Park for Food Fair

2nd and Callowhill for Goldline

Delaware Ave and Vine for M. Wildstein & Sons

3600 N. Front Street for Cross Brothers

4839 Chestnut St Louis for S. Fonzo


1948-1949 Contracts


Molnick Atleration and Additions at 2317 N Broad St

Lam Bldg Corp at 165th and Moravian

Cross Brothers Meat Packers at Front & Vanango

Westmoreland St Food for Fair Stores In

228 Callowhill, for Franklin Provisions-Lam Bldg

Food Fair Stores Inc at Westmoreland St

9th and Poplar for Harry Hauthman

2nd & Arch Streets for LAM Building Corp

8th and South St for L. Goldberg

Belowsky and Granoff at 108 Pine St


1950 Contracts


Bodek at Long Lane and Walnut St

422 N. 2nd St for Lam Bldg Corp

5539 Chestnut St for Stein Brothers

Albert A. Toll at Park Tower Apts

Craft Builders at 26th and Aspen

Bornstein & Son at Broad and Lehigh

928 E. Moyamensing for Lam Building Corp

15th and Chestnut Sts for LAM Bldg Corp


Miscellaneous accounts


Gerlach Morantz Brick Co at 4519 N. Broad St

Frankfurt Coal and Supply Co at James and Orthodox Streets

W. Ketcham at 125 N. 18th St


Contract and Credit Accounts 1951-1956


1951 Contracts


Bodek at Long Lane & Sansom

Toll at Mayfair House

Cross Brothers at Front & Deranago

Kerem Israel Congregation at 3 nd and Montgomery

W. Cor. 22nd and Ridge for Louis Manuson

15th and Chestnut St for Lam Building Corp

Toll at Park Tower Apartments

2520 Frankford Ave for Capitol Construction Co

752-56 So. 11th Street for Vincent Marand

55th and Wyalusing Ave for Pearl Preview Shore Co

1410 Fairmont for Pride Inc

218 Callow Hill for Ben Zitin


1952 Contracts


W. Cor. 8th and for Berks Capitol Construction Co

416 Vine St for Lam Building Corp

557 Haverford Rd- for Goldberg

1641 Girard Ave for Arthur A. Kober

160 Long Lane for Bodek

15 E. Upsal St, for Steyer

4218 Lancaster Ave. for Mrs. H. Manson

4839 Chestnut St for Fonzo

Parkway House, for George Cantor

32nd and Morse for Kerem Israel Congregation

Penrose & Essington Amoco Station for Arthur A. Kober Co

634 Washington Ave for Friedman & Belach

Stein Bros at 5539 Chestnut

Toll at Mayfair House

2203 Ridge Ave for Louis Manuson

5949-55 Larchwood Ave for David Shawfeld


1953 Contracts


Long Lane and Sansom for Ralph Bodek

6th and Washington, for Friedman & Beacon Inc

2111 Eastburn Ave for Frank Blumenthal

6th And Washington, for Friedman & Belack Inc

634 N. 57th St for Mrs. Bessie Wolk

Mayfair House for A. A. Toll

114 Moore for Philadelphia Dressed Berf

Robbin and Revere for Fred Hanauer

416 Vine for Henry’s Quality Meats

9th and Girard, for Clover Beef Co

2111 Eastburn Ave, for Frank Blumenthal


1954 Contracts


26 N. Delaware Ave for Girard Packing Co

Long Lane and Samson St for Ralph Bodek

35st and Reed Harry Hanthan

26 N. Delaware Ave for Girard Packing Co

1955 Hunting Park Ave for Elliott-Lewis Corp

54th and Lancaster for Furnival Machinery Co

Front and Venango for Cross Bros

5539 Chestnut St for Stein Bros

54th and Lancaster for Furnival Machinery Co

2201 Ridge Ave for Louis Manuson

32nd and Cumberland for Cong. A.T2 Canary 2ndron Jacob


1955 Contracts


Front and Vernango for Cross Bros

28 N. Delaware Ave for Girard Packing Co

Sylvania Hotel for Rothschild Const Co

Foremost Kosher Sausage Co at 4th and Gaskill St

2111 Eastburn Ave for Frank Blumenthal

Millar Bros and Co Inc at 35th and Reed Sts

Penn Novelty Co at 2111 Eastburn Ave

Cronfeld at 3rd and Lombard


1956 Contracts


Philad Macoroni Co Inc at 760 S. 11th St

Getzik & Son at 4192 Viola St

Millar Bros at 35th and Reed St

Hautman at 403 New Market St

Getzik at 4192 Viola St

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